June 3, 2017


India Is Building a City From Scratch

One hot February afternoon last year, I climbed into a small white sedan with three government officials to take a quick tour of 35,000 acres of some of the lushest farmland to be found anywhere in India. The location: Andhra Pradesh, a tropical state on the subcontinent’s eastern coast that is often called “the rice bowl of India.” In every direction, crops bulged — coconut and cauliflower and cucumber and more than 80 other varieties of produce that would be trucked to market for hundreds of miles around, or jasmine and marigold and more than 14 other varieties of flower that would be strung and sold as garlands.The officials wanted me to imagine this land replaced by a futuristic megacity called Amaravati. By 2035, they projected, it would be home to 11 million people and cover 3,322 square miles — ten times the area of New York City. The government…

Crowd-Funded Eve V Is A legitimate Surface Pro Killer

A crowd-funded tablet/laptop hybrid might not usually catch the eye, but clearly Microsoft feels there’s something special about the Eve V. It highlighted the relatively unknown product during its Computex keynote. This is especially significant considering it is broadly in the same market as Microsoft’s own Surface Pro. We caught up with the developer to learn a little more about the unusual design process and a little about its ethos. And perhaps the most unusual aspect is the small company’s determination to remain independent of any investors. The Eve project started off as an experiment in 2015 to see if an unknown PC/tablet brand could be successful, launching and selling its products online. It originally made an 8-inch Windows tablet, the Eve T1. And after that sold reasonably well, a WhatsApp group formed with users giving feedback directly to its developers. This grew into a forum and the development team…