June 12, 2017


Amazon Fire: Is It Worth $50?

What can $50 buy? An inexpensive pair of sneakers, maybe dinner for two in San Francisco or a couple of tickets to the ballgame. But few ever imagined that it could also buy a tablet computer capable of running apps and streaming Netflix. Yet that is what Amazon has delivered with its Fire tablets, with starting prices of $50 for the seven-inch model and $80 for the eight-incher. The newest versions of these tablets, which are set to be released this week, are unabashedly slow and unflashy — but just capable enough to be worth this meager sum. This low-cost-for-no-frills strategy appears to be working well for the retail giant. Sales of Amazon’s touch-screen tablets jumped by double digits last year from a year earlier, the company has said. IDC, the research firm, said low-cost Fires had propelled Amazon to No. 3 in the tablet market, after Apple and Samsung.…

Coding on a Macbook: How Limited Is The Experience?

We all know the Macbook is a capable machine, thanks to its many features and functions. Apple’s approach to the build quality, display, battery efficiency, and software makes it one of the best devices out there. However, we can safely say that the Macbook is traditionally most popular among video and photo editors. It’s great for content creation, there is no doubt about that. Programmers, in turn, mostly stick with Linux or Windows, or both at once. Let’s be honest, Mac also has a number of serious issues, including a small(er) user base, limited applications, and a higher price tag. These factors prevent Apple’s laptop from being as widely accepted, as the Windows machines. While there are people who like to code on their Macbooks, they are rather a ‘vocal minority’. Microsoft is obviously the most preferred option, thanks to the sheer number of programmers on the platform alone. Read…