June 13, 2017


Full Review Of Surface Laptop: The Most Obvious Computer For Your Daily Needs

It might sound funny, but the Surface laptop is one of the most conventional devices Microsoft has created. It’s not a tablet with a kickstand, or a laptop with a detachable screen – not something weird and ‘game-changing’. It is just trying to fit to be the thing you want. The Surface laptop has enough power for you to use, but is also light enough to be carried around. It comes with a great screen, good keyboard and without an insane price tag. In other words, it’s the obvious laptop people need, with an obvious name. Read also: Microsoft Is Betting Large on the Surface Family (Video) It does have a fairly limited OS, people will say, and they will be right. However, Microsoft leaves a way to rectify this issue. But let’s put that aside for now and begin our review of the laptop that doesn’t need any gimmicks to…