June 14, 2017


New Leaks Show Google Drops Pixel XL 2, Confirm iPhone 8 Design

We will probably not see the direct sequel to the popular Pixel XL phone from Google, according to fresh leaks from Android Police and a few other sources. Android Police says Google ‘has shelved’ plans to release one of the Pixel phones, codenamed ‘Muskie’. People expected it to succeed the Pixel XL, released last year. AP says the leak is very likely to be correct, and ‘rates it 9 out of 10 on their rumor scale’. The website is actually known to be a reliable source of information, so there is very little doubt here. Read also: 6 Fascinating Pieces of Hardware Made By Google Both reviewers and fans say the Pixel XL is one of the best phones Google has ever released. While the supposed cancellation does sound terrible, there might be some good news too. We should still expect a bigger Google phone Multiple sources have repeatedly said Google…