August 4, 2017


Blue: The Dating App For Twitter Users

Finally, an app to weed out the weak on social media. A new app is looking to romantically match folks who are verified Twitter users. Blue, by Loveflutter, has launched a new version of their existing dating app. It only allows Twitter users with that little blue tick to search for love, and only amongst their fellow blue-tick holders. The original Loveflutter has been around for awhile. It creates matches based on shared interests (innovative!). Now it focuses on analysing tweets and Twitter activity to match people. And with that switch, so was born Blue. Verified Users For the verified users, the app is rolling out in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London and Tokyo. However, it will only go live once it has 1,000 local members. So, maybe never. Of the just over 300 million users on Twitter, around 150,000 are verified, with about 25 percent of them…