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Atari has revealed that Ataribox will use a custom AMD solution.

This is not the mystery semi-custom solution Lisa Su (CEO of AMD) has hinted at.

How we are playing options for AMD earnings due late October.

Ah Atari (EPA: ATA) – the system that many of us “older hands” played as children. While youth of this era might look at Atari and think of it as “primitive” with its one iconic button and basic game play, they would have to warp back in time to really understand just how epic it was. 

Imagine a world (if you will), void of cell phones, cordless phones, Internet for the common man, absent of VCRs or DVD players. While you did have four television stations – they all went off the air at 10 PM to the sound of the national anthem. That’s right: Life as we know it ended at 10 PM. Enter Atari… now you had options – be it Missile Command or Berzerk. Life was good and life was Atari.

This fast forwards us to today. Atari is working on crowd funding “Ataribox” to mimic the success that Nintendo has experienced with its NES Classic.

I’ve said all along that AMD is a contender if Atari wants some powerful (yet affordable) hardware in its box. Atari is making marketing claims that it will be a semi-custom chip from AMD. And while that may be true, it just seems odd for a company that is going to mostly crowd fund development of its new console. Yet given the price tag, maybe Atari will go with a tweaked Raven Ridge APU (in development) with modified Vega cores? With time we will know more.

Mystery Semi-Custom Chip

Lisa Su (CEO of AMD) has made several statements about the “third semi-custom chip” they are working on. (The Atari-rumored, semi-custom chip is not what Lisa was referring to.) What we know:

1. Per AMD CEO Lisa Su – it is not a gaming semi-custom chip.

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