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Apple has launched a journal, documenting its innovations in machine learning. Launched this week, the online blog will demonstrate how Apple engineers are using machine learning technologies to build innovative products.

Machine learning technology uses algorithms to program software so that it can learn from large sets of data and improve its output.

Apple offers machine learning technology to app producers via Core ML. Apple uses this feature in a range of its existing products such as Siri, Camera and QuickType. Supported features for app designers include face tracking, face detection, landmarks, text detection, rectangle detection, barcode detection, object tracking, and image registration.

Machine Learning Developments

Critics have claimed that Apple has fallen behind in its development of machine learning technology. Google, the major Silicon Valley rival of the tech giant, has created a subsidiary, DeepMind. They have become the world leaders in machine learning technology features deep learning and neural networks.

The company has been perceived as falling behind in this particular technological race because it has a culture of secrecy surrounding its developments. Unlike Google or Facebook, Apple does not allow its researchers to publish journals of the work they are carrying out.

In developing their machine learning technology, Apple has created have created computer created synthetic characters. The company then applied a filter to make these characters appear real. This allows the machine learning technology to recognise faces. It proved cheaper and faster than building a library of real people.

Google recently announced updates on its developments in machine learning technology. Google Photos launched a feature known as ‘Suggested Sharing’, which will automatically recognise and share photos of your friends and family. The tweaks also allow the app to recognise venues and events. The services facilities sharing within the Google Photos app, or alternatively, via text or email.

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[…] they were launching an online journal detailing the work their developers were carrying out into machine learning technology. This was an important move because Apple has traditionally been very secretive about innovations […]

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