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Apple’s latest Worldwide Developer’s Conference made quite a bit of noise out there. It was full of new software and hardware reveals, including iOS 11, but a lot was also left unsaid. In the end, there is only so much you can tell in two hours, and smaller features don’t always get to shine. Especially when you want to show off your newest techs and features, like a smart speaker or augmented reality.

One of the most curious moments of the conference was when Apple decided to include several dozen new features in just one slide. A lot of people probably missed it, and, in fact, there weren’t too many details, hiding in that slide. Yet it might just be enough for us to sneak a peek of some of the low-key features iOS 11 will bring to the table.

A new way to interact with Siri

Talking to digital assistants can be frustrating and problematic, especially, in a noisy environment. Besides, sometimes some of us might feel too self-conscious about actually speaking out loud to their phones. That’s why we can always appreciate new and easier ways to interact with our assistants. It seems like Apple will finally allow us to type texts and requests to Siri in iOS 11. This should help with the awkwardness and misunderstanding in less than ideal conditions.

QR Code native support in iOS 11

QR codes may not be as popular in the United States as they are in other countries, so Apple has not cared to add native support for them… so far. The WWDC implies Tim Cook may have finally greenlit the feature, and the upcoming OS will actually be able to recognize the codes without any third-party applications. Doesn’t seem like much, but it’s certainly just a tiny bit more convenient, especially for people who don’t like to install too many apps they rarely use.

One-handed modes

With the iOS 8 release, Apple finally allowed other developers to create their own keyboards. That move paved the way for some other features, that have enhanced our experience. One of them might become available in the upcoming update, which is a one-handed mode. While we don’t know how exactly it will work, it’s safe to assume we will be able to adjust the keyboard layout to our liking, stick it to a preferred side of the screen or something to that extent. Apple also mentioned ‘one-handed zoom in Maps’.

Screen recording

Samsung has already implemented this feature in its Galaxy phones, and now it’s Apple’s turn to do the same. If you are not sure what you can do with it, here’s a hint – GIFs. Screen recording makes the creation of our beloved short animated images a breeze.

Screenshot and markup

The iPad Pro demo actually showed this feature, and it looks like Apple is about to make our lives just a bit easier (again). With your new iOS 11, you’ll be able to mark up the objects you screenshot and crop them right away, without having to go back to the camera roll.

New podcast app

The entire App Store is getting redesigned in iOS 11 and will look fresh new when the operation system arrives. The podcast app actually has its own marketplace, so it’s obvious it’ll look different too. Perhaps we will get a new, overhauled discovery option, since it’s been kind of a struggle so far.

3D touch improvements

It seems Apple will give its 3D touch some more options, and one of them is a new way to swap between different tabs. And it’s not the only change here. Apple is expanding the way it works in other ways too. It will also become a shortcut to the ‘look up’ feature, allowing people to find definitions on any specific words. iMessage will also receive additional 3D features, like URL sharing and whatnot.

Flight status in Safari and Spotlight

Google’s Assistant has been one step ahead when it comes to flights, knowing when and where you are going. But Apple is ready to catch up with iOS 11. Thanks to this new feature, you will be able to see your flight information (and search for it) in a Spotlight widget.

Of course, there is a lot more coming in the future update: better password management, better non-English language support, new FaceTime features and so on. We are expecting to learn more about other improvements as we get closer to the release date.

Source: The Verge

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