Synchronize Rooms With The Same Music


Multi Room Speaker Amazon announced this week that its Amazon Echo units can now serve as a multi-room speaker system. Echo users can now synchronize music across devices in their home. Later, this feature will extend to controls for multi-room music on other connected speakers. If you own more than one Echo, Echo Dot or Echo Show, you can ask all of them to play the same song in multiple rooms. Or, if you prefer, you can ask each one to play a different one. “In just the last few months, we’ve added dozens of new features to Alexa that enhance your entertainment experience—control of Amazon Fire TV and your home entertainment systems via Echo; music lyrics, Amazon Video, and movie trailers on Echo Show; and activity-based music searches—and we’re just getting started,” said Toni Reid, Vice President, Amazon Alexa. Synchronized Devices “Today, we’re making Alexa even smarter with an…

Knightscope K5 Drowns In Washington DC


You’ve heard of the Monday blues? This robot in Washington DC certainly was not looking forward to the start of a new week. Pictures surfaced on Twitter of a Knightscope K5 lying in a pond in the American capital. Knightscope K5 was the robot in question, trained to monitor offices and public buildings. This is not the first controversy that this robot has found itself in. Last year, the Knightscope K5 assaulted a toddler by running over the child’s foot and bruising their leg. In the same shopping centre in California, a man was arrested for an alleged altercation with a K5 robot. Therefore, the recent news of a K5 robot drowning itself in Washington DC will add further to the controversy surrounding these drones. The armless design of the robot makes it difficult to stand up once they have fallen over. It might be time for the producers to…

New iPad Pro Almost As Fast As $1,800 MacBook Pro. Time to Ditch Laptops?


If you ever wanted to ditch your desktop PC and switch to a tablet, it might soon be the best time to do it. At least, that’s the idea we can get from the specs of Apple’s latest iPad Pro. According to tech website Bare Feats, the upcoming 10.5 and 12.9-inch tablets are pretty close to the newest 13-inch MacBook Pro in terms of sheer power. And we are not talking about the basic MacBook version with a Core i5 chipset, no, sir! Read also: New Leaks Show Google Drops Pixel XL 2, Confirm iPhone 8 Design Turns out, the iPads might really compete with the fastest MacBook Pro, which comes with Intel’s most powerful CPU, Core i7. Take a look at the benchmark below and see for yourself. Bare Feats/GeekBench/Circles by Business Insider Is it really the only ‘computer’ you need? Of course, on paper, the new iPads look incredible,…

New Leaks Show Google Drops Pixel XL 2, Confirm iPhone 8 Design


We will probably not see the direct sequel to the popular Pixel XL phone from Google, according to fresh leaks from Android Police and a few other sources. Android Police says Google ‘has shelved’ plans to release one of the Pixel phones, codenamed ‘Muskie’. People expected it to succeed the Pixel XL, released last year. AP says the leak is very likely to be correct, and ‘rates it 9 out of 10 on their rumor scale’. The website is actually known to be a reliable source of information, so there is very little doubt here. Read also: 6 Fascinating Pieces of Hardware Made By Google Both reviewers and fans say the Pixel XL is one of the best phones Google has ever released. While the supposed cancellation does sound terrible, there might be some good news too. We should still expect a bigger Google phone Multiple sources have repeatedly said Google…

Full Review Of Surface Laptop: The Most Obvious Computer For Your Daily Needs


It might sound funny, but the Surface laptop is one of the most conventional devices Microsoft has created. It’s not a tablet with a kickstand, or a laptop with a detachable screen – not something weird and ‘game-changing’. It is just trying to fit to be the thing you want. The Surface laptop has enough power for you to use, but is also light enough to be carried around. It comes with a great screen, good keyboard and without an insane price tag. In other words, it’s the obvious laptop people need, with an obvious name. Read also: Microsoft Is Betting Large on the Surface Family (Video) It does have a fairly limited OS, people will say, and they will be right. However, Microsoft leaves a way to rectify this issue. But let’s put that aside for now and begin our review of the laptop that doesn’t need any gimmicks to…

Amazon Fire: Is It Worth $50?


What can $50 buy? An inexpensive pair of sneakers, maybe dinner for two in San Francisco or a couple of tickets to the ballgame. But few ever imagined that it could also buy a tablet computer capable of running apps and streaming Netflix. Yet that is what Amazon has delivered with its Fire tablets, with starting prices of $50 for the seven-inch model and $80 for the eight-incher. The newest versions of these tablets, which are set to be released this week, are unabashedly slow and unflashy — but just capable enough to be worth this meager sum. This low-cost-for-no-frills strategy appears to be working well for the retail giant. Sales of Amazon’s touch-screen tablets jumped by double digits last year from a year earlier, the company has said. IDC, the research firm, said low-cost Fires had propelled Amazon to No. 3 in the tablet market, after Apple and Samsung.…

Coding on a Macbook: How Limited Is The Experience?

We all know the Macbook is a capable machine, thanks to its many features and functions. Apple’s approach to the build quality, display, battery efficiency, and software makes it one of the best devices out there. However, we can safely say that the Macbook is traditionally most popular among video and photo editors. It’s great for content creation, there is no doubt about that. Programmers, in turn, mostly stick with Linux or Windows, or both at once. Let’s be honest, Mac also has a number of serious issues, including a small(er) user base, limited applications, and a higher price tag. These factors prevent Apple’s laptop from being as widely accepted, as the Windows machines. While there are people who like to code on their Macbooks, they are rather a ‘vocal minority’. Microsoft is obviously the most preferred option, thanks to the sheer number of programmers on the platform alone. Read…

The iPad Aspires To Become EVERYONE’s Computer


The iPad has never been a full-fledged computer. At its launch back in 2010, it was mocked for having a large screen without a typical large-screen operating system like macOS or Windows, and it was dismissed as just a bigger iPhone. But, as it turned out, people found a whole bunch of really cool and enjoyable uses for that enlarged iPhone, and even as iPad sales have slowed over recent years, Apple’s tablet has proven enduringly popular among those who’ve acquired one. At WWDC 2017, Apple underlined its commitment to pushing the iPad as its next computing platform, and for the first time ever, it even has me interested. In all the time it’s been around, I haven’t been able to answer the question of who the iPad is for. It’s often been the wrong question, mind you, as the iPad shows its strengths best when it’s serving narrowly defined…

How a Motherboard is Made: Inside the Gigabyte factory in Taiwan


Gigabyte is one of the biggest motherboard makers in the world, and we visited the company’s factory in Taiwan to find out how they’re manufactured. About a quarter of Gigabyte’s motherboard output comes from its Nan Ping factory about an hour west of Taipei. About 400,000 motherboards come off the assembly line every month. Robots remove a lot of the most complex work from humans. However, a surprising amount of construction is still done by hand: the insertion of many larger components, for instance, and visual checks of the motherboards. Humans and machines often work together. Machines that attach teeny transistors have humans managing their supply. Small, wheeled robots deliver components to people on the assembly line. Human hands may pack the motherboards and accessories into boxes, but they scan each component against an electronic checklist to ensure the package has everything required.