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News addicts everywhere will have noticed that Google News, the news aggregation service from Google, looks a little different today.

Google News, as a part of the wider Google brand, had lagged somewhat in terms of design and interface compared with products such as the search engine, Google Drive, Gmail and Google Trends.

The redesign removes a lot of the clutter which had previously filled up the site, leading for a better user interface.

According to the Keyword, the official blog of all developments at Google, the company have outlined a number of changes they have made to their service. They tell users that:

At the top of the page you’ll notice a new navigation bar for “Headlines,” “Local” and “For You.” Upon signing in, you can personalize the “Local” and “For You” tabs. In “Local,” you can track stories from any part of the world that you care about—from your hometown to where you do business to where you went to school. In “For You,” you can pinpoint niche interests and create your own mini news feed, whether it’s following your favorite team, or satisfying your inner geek with news on cool gadgets and gizmos.

Google has adopted a card format which makes it easier to browse, scan and identify related articles about a story. The new layout focuses on key elements, such as publishers names and article labels, and maintains your view and place on the page as you click in and out of stories and explore topics.

According to TechCrunch, publishers won’t have to make any changes as to how they submit their stories to Google News. This update doesn’t introduce any changes for them, as all of the updates are happening above the publishing index. The renewed emphasis on video, though, will likely drive more publishers to invest in that side of their business.

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