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It’s this time again! Mother’s Day is this Sunday, just a few days ahead. Sons and daughters all around the world are starting to look for a perfect gift for their beloved mothers. From flowers, jewelry and kitchen appliances to something less conventional. Does your mom like technology? Then we can lend you a hand. By the way, if you find our help, well, helpful, here’s part 2 of our journey. In the meantime

A printer to make photos magical

We all know that moms love to take photos of their family – or anything else really. So why not turn them into something more unique and amazing? Take a look at this augmented reality photo printer – LifePrint – that you can buy for less than £115 on Amazon. It magically – or rather technologically – enhances still shots. Just launch a dedicated app on your smartphone and point the camera at the photos you just printed. You’ll see the image come alive, like you saw in Harry Potter. That’s some wizardry right there! The device can print videos from Instagram, Facebook and other social media resources too.

An alarm to imitate a natural sunrise

Moms usually have to get up early, and it’s especially hard to wake up in the AM during the dark winter mornings. Philips Wake Up Light can ease her into the coming day, simulating a sunrise, according by one out of five natural sounds. If your mom also needs to make her falling asleep a bit more relaxing and atmospheric, it is great too. This guy is capable of gradually dimming light, combined with soothing sounds. The 7 minute back up battery is there to make sure your mother will never oversleep because of a power outage. Buy one at £112.

A robot aid to keep the house clean

Just a couple of days ago we posted a comparison article of two great robot vacuums. Each of them could be a great gift to your mother to make her cleaning routine barely noticeable. The Eufy Robovac 11 – starting at £209 – is one of the best automatic vacuums you can find on the market. It is great at keeping houses up to 1,200 square feet clean and neat, without requiring attention from humans. It’s also pretty quiet, and the battery live is great – up to 2,5 hours. It doesn’t have a companion app or an lcd display, but it’s pretty much the best benefit cost ratio for a budget purchase.

If your mom loves her pet

Does your mom have a dog or a cat she cannot pay enough attention because of work? Then you might want to buy her one of these Petcubes – designed specifically to help solve this problem. The £139.00 device has an HD camera and a 2 way speaker built in. Moms can monitor their pets’ activities from work through an app, talk or even play with them. An interactive laser toy will keep a dog or a cat busy from tearing pillows apart or peeing in shoes.

A drone to make fantastic selfies

Taking pictures with a front-facing camera on your smartphone is so 2016. Instead, take a look at the world’s smallest camera drone Skeye Nano 2. At only 1.6 inches wide, you can carry it wherever you want. No more selfie sticks, holding your phone at an awkward angle or asking someone else to help you out. You can get the flying HD camera at as little as £79, and it comes equipped with WiFi and can be controlled through an application on your iOS or Android smartphone. Thanks to a first person view and adjustable flight control system, users will easily be able to navigate the drone to make sure it takes a photo of the right object. Or you can use it to spy on your friends. Whatever you want.

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