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Ikea and Renewables

Ikea, the Scandinavian home furnishing giant, is to venture into the area of renewable energy.

In Britain, the company is to begin selling solar panels and home storage batteries. The products include panels that integrated with existing roofing solutions provided by Solarcentury, a UK solar power company, which includes a 25-year guarantee on the panels themselves, as well as s six-year warranty on installation and every aspect of the system hardware.

A solar panel on the roof of your home extends a little beyond the usual Ikea affordable price range. The cost of such a unit starts at around $4,000. However, combined with home storage batteries, users could see savings in the long run. British electricity companies have recently announced that they are increasing their prices. British Gas confirmed that they will hike prices for electricity customers by 12.5%.

With the rising cost of utility bills for homeowners, Ikea has entered a market seeking alternatives. Tesla, one of the most innovative companies in the field of renewables, recently launched a similar product. In Los Angeles, they unveiled their solar panel design and battery pack. Powerwall 2 is a high-capacity battery back, costing $5,500.


Ikea if following in the footsteps of their Swedish roots. The Scandinavian country has projected that it will run entirely on renewable energy in the next 25 years. In 2015, 57% of Sweden’s energy came from renewable sources. It is steadily expanding its capacity for onshore wind generation.

As technology continues to improve, an increasing amount of companies will be expected to enter the renewable market. Google currently has a tool called Project Sunroof, which gives you a customized savings estimate based on the hours of sunlight your area gets per year. It also tells you if your neighbours have panels.

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