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Virtual Reality weddings have become increasingly popular as technology has evolved, couples capture their most special day in 360-degree videos to relive them at a later stage.

While one can do with or without virtual reality at a wedding, some modern day marriages would not have been possible without the technology, at least not for this Japanese man who married his favourite Anime character, one he could only kiss and exchange rings within VR.

In 2017 you no longer have to be human to get married because the future is now and it’s a little creepy. A romance and dating simulator, Niitzuma LovelyxCation is a game developed by Japanese studio Hibiki Works and lets players court any one of its three anime characters. Players can eventually marry these characters in real life wedding ceremonies held in actual chapels.

The first of these virtual reality weddings took place in Tokyo where a man can be seen decked up as the groom. Kudos to the dude who actually went ahead with these bizarre nuptials, wearing an HTC Vive VR headset. He also kissed his bride, a rubber doll, as the VR headset simulated the anime character.

Well, the next step is obviously VR Kids! The company’s CEO made a statement saying that providing a VR family is the natural next step for the game. Remember that this is not the first time a Japanese marries a virtual character.

In 2009, a Japanese gamer married a video game character from the Nintendo DS game, Love Plus.And just recently, along with the same lines of artificial intelligence (AI), there have been stories about men and their love for their sex dolls and robots.

Looks like the blurring of the lines between virtual and reality is getting closer and closer.

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