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LCD Soundsystem Reunion

LCD Soundsystem parted ways in 2011 only to reunite 5 years later. To launch their comeback they have released a VR experience to coincide with the release of their new album ‘American Dream’.

“Dance Tonite”, developed with Google, is soundtracked by ‘American Dream’. It witnesses a fabricated dance party that takes place across multiple rooms. Dance Tonite resides on a single URL and depending on your device, gives users different roles within the experience.

Virtual Reality

Without a VR headset (viewing on your laptop, for example), the default view is a bird’s eye perspective. You can click and hold on individual dancers to see their POV. If you use a VR headset, like Daydream View, you’re in one of the rooms watching dancers around you. Diving in with room-scale VR kit like Oculus Rift (or a similar device that reflects your physical movements in the virtual environment) is the most fun. It allows for full participation.

If you have a room-scale VR kit, you can even add your own choreography. The band also released a ‘making-of’ video. In addition, frontman James Murphy says he “doesn’t get” virtual reality “but it’s sort of like going to the beach—I don’t want to go to the beach. Then you go to the beach, you swim around, you hang out, you have a day off, and it feels kind of great.”

Murphy has justified why the band broke up in 2011, reasoning that it was to sell more tickets.

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