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The End Of Paint

The end is nigh for possibly one of the most used computer programs. Since the first personal computers arrived into homes of ordinary people, Microsoft Paint was an instant hit. It was first released with the very first version of Windows 1.0 in 1985.

Microsoft has announced that their next update of Windows 10, called the Autumn Creators Update, will witness the end of Paint. Along with Outlook Express, Reader app and Reading list, the graphic software has met its end.

It proved a popular piece of software due to its ease of use. Similar to a doodle notepad, users could draw and invent shapes and colours. In the era of dialup internet, when homes would have to wait for an open line to access the web, Paint was a distraction. Waiting for an image to load could seem a lifetime, Paint was there to keep you patient. If you desired to make a virtual birthday card, or draw your name in neon colouring, this was the product for you.

As technology has developed, and a range of illustrative services are now available, Microsoft Paint has had its day. The range of design features offered by Paint have been outstripped by savvier software such as Photoshop. However, designers took upon themselves the challenge to create some masterpieces using the program. Paint offered a blank canvass on to which its users created works of art.

Popular With Users

Reddit, a source of many things wonderful from the internet, has an entire section devoted to these masterpieces. One such user, LordSatin, uploaded an image of a sloth which they claim took 45 hours to create on Microsoft Paint.

Prized for its relative simplicity, Paint may not have been the most impressive of creative platforms, but it provided a generation with the ability to create. Microsoft should be commended for this. Surely many a great graphic designer and artist began their life on this platform.

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