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We will probably not see the direct sequel to the popular Pixel XL phone from Google, according to fresh leaks from Android Police and a few other sources. Android Police says Google ‘has shelved’ plans to release one of the Pixel phones, codenamed ‘Muskie’. People expected it to succeed the Pixel XL, released last year.

AP says the leak is very likely to be correct, and ‘rates it 9 out of 10 on their rumor scale’. The website is actually known to be a reliable source of information, so there is very little doubt here.

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Both reviewers and fans say the Pixel XL is one of the best phones Google has ever released. While the supposed cancellation does sound terrible, there might be some good news too.

We should still expect a bigger Google phone

Multiple sources have repeatedly said Google is working on three Pixel 2 phones, and Muskie was only one of them. The other two also have nicknames – Walleye and Taimen. If Muskie is truly off the table, Taimen might be our new bigger version.

Google likes to use names of sea creatures to label its phones and hint at their proportions. This means Taimen is most likely to be a massive device, bigger than the XL.

For example, the 7-inch Nexus 6 had a codename Shamu – a whale, the 4.7-inch Nexus 4 was Mako, and the 5-inch Nexus 5 was Hammerhead. So, walleyes usually grow up to 11kg/24 lbs, muskies can be over 17kg/38 lbs and taimen can reach the size of more than 100kg/220lbs.

But, of course, the codenames could refer to the size of the display of the upcoming phones. Xiaomi, Samsung, and LG already paved the way by adopting the bezel-less design with huge screens in smaller phones.

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Be sure to take this information with a grain of salt, but so far we have had no reason to assume Google is moving in a different direction. In the end, should the tech giant release traditional phablets with noticeable bezels, they will immediately look outdated next to the S8 and G6.

New leaks ‘confirm’ iPhone 8 design

And the iPhone 8 too, most likely. Today another portion of leaks has confirmed the design of the Apple’s upcoming phone. Reddit user kamikasky has uploaded quality photos of the iPhone’s front and back panels. The images perfectly match the previous leaks, demonstrating a bezel-less design.

That makes perfect sense, considering earlier reports Apple has managed to integrate its Touch ID sensor directly into the display. The small cutout at the top is meant for the front facing camera and other sensors. The vertical rear camera is there to aid the augmented reality software, unveiled earlier this month in iOS 11.

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By the way, we have also received new information about the apparent iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S plus versions. Both of these phones will reportedly ditch the aluminum chassis for glass. Kamikasky says Apple will switch to the new material to bring wireless charging. This feature has been expected to be an iPhone 8 exclusive.

As always, be cautious about the leaks. Until we see Tim Cook present these new iPhones, nothing is set in stone. But just like with Google, the consistency of the leaks suggest an almost 100% probability.

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