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The Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Edition has been selling like hot cakes, with pre-orders getting snapped up fast. Game, Argos, the official Nintendo UK Store, ShopTo, Very, Smyths and Amazon UK have all sold out of Super Nintendo Mini pre-orders on their websites.

The retro console was announced earlier this month and is the second of Nintendo’s attempts to revive its old consoles and games for new and old audiences. But just like the NES Classic Edition that came before it, it’s all but impossible to actually buy the console.

And if you’ve placed a SNES Mini pre-order from Amazon UK you will need to check your e-mail inbox. Amazon UK has been sending out e-mails to customers who purchased more than one Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Edition.

SNES fans are reporting online that they have received emails from Amazon saying that they can only buy one console each – and so orders that included more than one will be reduced to just one. The emails say there has been “a change in the availability of this item” and that it has been adjusted to include just one unit. “We understand this isn’t what you expected when you placed your order and apologise for the inconvenience,” the email concludes.

The limitation of the console appears to be an attempt to allow more people to buy the machine and to stop people who buy the consoles online and then sell them on at hugely inflated prices. In the wake of recent other re-issues from Nintendo – as well as the Switch, which is also in short supply – touts have flocked online to sell off the consoles.

People are already attempting to sell pre-ordered SNES Minis for as much as £150, despite the fact the console only sells for £69.99. The SNES Mini comes loaded with 21 games on it, including Super Mario World and the never before released Star Fox 2. All UK retailers who opened pre-orders on their website have now sold out.

Nintendo says that it will sell more of the SNES than the NES, though the latter appeared to be made in tiny volumes. It said that it will only be selling them this year, and couldn’t confirm whether it would be making more after 2017.

The console will start shipping in September.

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