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New Win 10 Insider Preview build sheds light on new features, coming with the Fall Creators Update

Microsoft just released a new Insider Preview version of Windows 10 (16215), unveiling the upcoming pack of changes. According to the company’s standard policy, these changes are already available for testers. For everyone else, they will arrive with the Fall Creators Update. So, let’s take a look at what we got with the new test version.

Windows 10 now has improved notification center

The first noticeable difference is how the notification center now looks. Microsoft redesigned it to have separate sections for various apps, like Skype messages, tweets etc. It is more organized now. The new approach allows to group notifications from devices and applications together, in a more convenient way.

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With the new update, Microsoft also allows users to pin specific websites to the taskbar, although on one condition. Once you click on them, the websites will open in Edge, rather than your default browser. Difficult to say how useful it will be since the majority uses Chrome nowadays. Anyway, Microsoft brought the feature back after requests from Windows 10 users.

Edge, Cortana, and Stylus

Edge now also has improved animations for new tabs, which will make browsing a bit faster. Cortana also received an update, and now can create reminders by scanning images. For example, if you take a photo of a concert poster, the digital assistant will memorize the date and will remind you about it later. She also got a new lasso feature, allowing stylus users to highlight text for reminders.

The Stylus area is where perhaps the biggest change lies. Microsoft reworked the handwriting panel, adding new gestures, emoji, and improved editing. Now, Windows will automatically recognize your writing and convert it to text. The words will shift along, so you can continue to write your text. Ink gestures will let you select your converted text to edit it. Gestures also have additional functionality, so you can use them to scratch, join or split.

The handwriting panel, which includes quick access to different things, will stay near your writing. Should you lose your stylus, Windows will show you the last location where you used it.

Other tweaks and features

By the way, Microsoft finally lets people quickly and easily insert emoji into social media posts and emails. That’s why now we have a new keyboard shortcut, which displays an emoji panel. The new touch keyboard Microsoft also added to desktops and tablets features prediction, emoji suggestions, one handed typing. You can use your fingers or stylus to shape your writing too. And there is a new dictation option for people who don’t want to type. Dictation is not something new we see in Windows, but Microsoft moving this to a relevant area is great.

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There are a lot of smaller changes and tweaks as well. Sharing links is now easier with the new copy link features in the new share page. We also get better support for HDR monitors, and now we can quickly switch between private and public network connections. Microsoft has published the full list of the changes in its gigantic blog post, so you can head there if you want more info.

This preview build has one of the biggest numbers of new features, and we should expect more as the September release of the Win 10 Fall Creators update approaches.

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