FaceApp Removes Racist Filters

Racially Themed Filters The popular “FaceApp” has removed a series of racially-themed filters following a backlash against the app. Users branded the filters “problematic”, “gross” and even akin to “blackface”. The popular app uses Snapchat-style face filters to transform users’ faces into different looks. It can make your face look older or younger, for example, or make a woman’s face look like a man’s. But in its most recent update, the app also added a series of “ethnicity change filters” called “Black,” “Asian,” “Indian,” or “Caucasian. The new filters quickly attracted criticism on Twitter, where users branded them “problematic”, “racist”, “gross” and even akin to “blackface”. FaceApp Backdown FaceApp initially tried to defend the ethnicity filters from the barrage of controversy. The company released a statement in which they insisted that they had been “designed to be equal in all aspects”. By late afternoon Wednesday, the app had removed the fliters.…