5 Modern Devices Needed to Save Lives in Today’s World: The Perfect Kit for a First Responder Team

AS ARE ALL THINGS IN LIFE, emergency services have natural limitations. EMTs, though trained and equipped as good as modern education and technology allow them to be, are still bound by laws of physical world and constrained by road traffic. The rules of ‘golden hour’ and ‘platinum ten minutes’, which basically state that survivability decreases considerably as the time passes, pile on more pressure onto the EMTs shoulders. For instance, teams must be able to arrive to the scene of an accident in- or in less than 15 minutes on a call for a heart attack. Respiratory problems will present the EMTs with a slightly wider window of opportunity – 20-25 minutes. A bleeding trauma (naturally, depending on a type and intensity of the bleeding) is a window wider still, and so on. In short, you can imagine the burden of risk and responsibility, under which the EMTs are operating.…