Lyft Market Share Growing Faster Than Uber

Controversy After a series of unfortunate incidents for Uber, its main rival Lyft is surging in the market. Bloomberg has reported that company’s gross booking grew 25% to more than $1 billion in the second quarter from more than $800 million in the previous period. That is a faster rate than Uber, which told investors that it expected its growth projections to be in the mid-teens for the same period. Uber has been dogged by controversy for a number of months. Earlier this year, Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick, was caught on film beating one his own drivers. The public criticised the attitude of Kalanick towards his own drivers.  It was also discovered that Uber, for over two years, was shortchanging their own drivers, with losses to drivers amounting to tens of millions of dollars. Emil Michael, SVP of Business at Uber, and possibly the second most important figure in the…