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New iPad Pro Almost As Fast As $1,800 MacBook Pro. Time to Ditch Laptops?

If you ever wanted to ditch your desktop PC and switch to a tablet, it might soon be the best time to do it. At least, that’s the idea we can get from the specs of Apple’s latest iPad Pro. According to tech website Bare Feats, the upcoming 10.5 and 12.9-inch tablets are pretty close to the newest 13-inch MacBook Pro in terms of sheer power. And we are not talking about the basic MacBook version with a Core i5 chipset, no, sir! Read also: New Leaks Show Google Drops Pixel XL 2, Confirm iPhone 8 Design Turns out, the iPads might really compete with the fastest MacBook Pro, which comes with Intel’s most powerful CPU, Core i7. Take a look at the benchmark below and see for yourself. Bare Feats/GeekBench/Circles by Business Insider Is it really the only ‘computer’ you need? Of course, on paper, the new iPads look incredible,…

The Great Laptop Stagnation: Thoughts on the latest MacBook Pro. Finally.

A few years ago, I said the (then still-rumored retina) MacBook would likely be the last computer I ever buy. I lied. Don’t get me wrong, that MacBook is great. Yes, the one USB-C port remainsa stretch at times. But I make it work. The battery life is just okay. But that’s also not a major issue for me. As expected, it’s a near-perfect machine. The bigger issue is that it’s just a little slow. I get a few too many beach balls when trying to do fairly simple stuff. So that left me with a choice last year: upgrade to the new, slightly faster MacBook. Or wait for the new, super-fast and newly redesigned MacBook Pro. I went for the latter. I’m starting to think I should have gone with the former. The new MacBook Pro is fine. It’s pretty fast — certainly faster than my MacBook. But it’s not noticeably…